Resonant | Shorten Your Underwriting “Long Poles”. From Submission to Decision.

If the average carrier could shave 5 days off its’ cycle time, they could significantly increase their placement ratio, resulting in millions of additional premium dollars. Are you minimizing your "Hour of Sour"?

Presenter: Bill Atlee, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, iPipeline

Let’s Talk About the 5 Days That Cost Carriers Millions of Dollars.

If you were asked to take a guess at what the pivotal day for cases in underwriting was, what would you say? We’ve uncovered this day, the “Hour of Sour”, that results in a 13% decrease in placement ratio. Talk about an underwriting ‘aha’ moment! Join Bill Atlee, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at iPipeline, as he discusses this precise day and what it means in terms of millions of dollars being left on the table.

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