Life Insurance & Annuities

Tailoring your journey for flexibility and maximum value.

Our goal is to help you reach your goals.

We’re an industry leader in providing carriers, BGAs, and financial institutions with the support needed to transform business processes for life insurance and annuities.

We support the end-to-end platform – from initial application through execution and processing of business.

And it’s all to maximize your sales and grow your business while meeting your clients’ needs.

We understand that you have unique needs. As your partner, we offer our extensive experience and innovation as a resource, tailored to you throughout our journey together.


Digitizing your business to provide the best customer experience
You want to grow your business – but the solutions you’ve found are not tailored for your unique business needs.

From leveraging data to digitizing and streamlining operations and modernizing underwriting or searching for cutting-edge technology for your entire process – we’ve got you covered from initial engagement with prospects to servicing policies.

No matter what your objectives may be, we have the solution you need, providing an ultimate customer experience based on our industry best practices.

We're here to partner with you – every step of the way.


Digitally transforming your agency to tap into maximum efficiency
As a Brokerage General Agent (BGA), you are at the core of our ecosystem. You play a key role between the insurance carriers and the agents – and we understand your mission for growth.

You’re eager to gain insights and benchmark your performance against industry standards while also seeking transparency throughout the application process. And, you want to grow your business by providing new customers with a seamless digital experience. We understand you. You want what we want – to digitally transform the industry.

Financial Institutions

Tailoring workflows with speed, compliance and security
As a financial institution, high standards of compliance and security are non-negotiable. iPipeline ensures maximum compliance and security while providing you with increased speed and efficiency. We strive to empower you, your advisors, and your business partners with customized workflows to deliver a seamless experience – from proposal to payout.

Speed and efficiency with 100% compliance and peace of mind. That’s our goal. We bet it’s yours too.